In 2019 Susan will be teaching in UK on September 10th - 13th in Winchester and in the USA at Celebrations, 29th May - 1st June in Nashua


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Winchester UK
Sep 10th to 13th 2019

Pilgrim Stitchers runs an annual short course in needlework taking as the subject an item of specialised nature, frequently of historical interest. In most cases the original is not available to the public but will be seen during the event. These courses take place in UK but Sue is also available to teach at your events, not just in UK. Click here for more information..  

Following a successful year in Guildford we are pleased that Winchester have finished their reorganisation and in 2019 we will be returning to Chilcomb house where we have worked for the last 15 years. Before the main event on Tuesday September 10th, during the day, I am offering, in case you missed it, The Quaker sampler, put to good use where I’ve taken a small Quaker sampler and made it into a glasses case if stitched over one and a jewellery case if stitched over two. The second item is the home needle case. The timings of these extra classes will depend on the number of people who would like to participate. 

The main event will start with dinner on Tuesday September 10th and continue until late afternoon of Friday September 13th. Next year we have two projects, the first is a beautiful sampler, all in blue which is a real classic. Stitched by Ann Hathaway in 1839 it has some unusual features but it is still an amazing piece of work for an 8 year old, clearly not her first piece. Knowing me I shall probably find something to turn it into, you know me, embroidery should be seen and used. The second piece is following another love of mine which is Battenberg, or tape lace. This beautiful heart can be stitched in a day and hopefully finished before you go home. Our visit next year will be to Chichester Cathedral and museum to see the unusual works they have there.

Our days will finish with an extravaganza of viewing from the archives, close up and personal with permission to take photographs.

To register for the course, please visit the Registration page from December 1st 2018 and I look forward to seeing many of our old friends joining us back in Winchester.



This charming, and rather unusual sampler, is stitched in two shades of blue, most of it over two threads, but a little over one. It measures approx. 11” x 10 . As you can see it has started to deteriorate but as it’s now over 150 years old, that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s stitched on 20 count fabric so is very easy to work, even the few over one stitches aren’t difficult on this count. You know me, it’s likely that it will have turned into something else, something useful, by the time it’s finished, but that will have to be a surprise.

TapeThis really pretty heart is a great way to begin to learn about Battenberg lace, or tape lace as it’s sometimes called. The tape is made for you and in class you will learn to lay the tape onto the pattern and will learn the filling stitches, if any of you have done this before, you might even finish it in class. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of ideas for using it.


The seminar will be limited to 14 participants on a first come, first served basis and will commence with dinner on the evening of Tuesday September 10th and finish at 16.00 on Friday September 13th 2019.

THE COST FOR THIS EXTRAORDINARY EVENT will be 405 for the three days and preceding dinner.
The cost includes:

• Your kit and teaching of Anne Hathaway’s sampler
• You will see the original sampler
• Your kit and teaching of the Battenberg lace heart
• You will have the opportunity to view articles from the Hampshire Trust Archives
• You will visit Chichester and have a guided tour of the embroideries old and new in the Cathedral and the museum.
• Transport to the teaching venue each day
• An evening dinner and two lunches

Transport to Chichester will be by car.

Final details will be sent out at the beginning of July to the 14 fortunate participants.



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