The Quaker Sampler




By now you know that I love antique samplers but have no more wall space, so my stitching has to be practical. I have found this lovely Quaker sampler, so small I couldn’t resist it. Stitched in black and dark green it’s obviously a tribute to a family with their initials and I fell in love with it. I stitched it over 2 and made it bigger to make a travelling jewelry case, and stitched it over 1, so the sampler was the same size as the original, and turned it into a glasses case which I trimmed with twisted chord. Everything you need to make BOTH items is in the kit, so you can choose to make one or both. Quick to stitch (must be I made two!) and practical to use, putting beautiful embroidery into everyday use, to surround us with beautiful things and so to enhance our lives.