Sue Blomley

I was born in Epping, yes, an Essex girl, though I've never owned a pair of white high heeled shoes.   I went to school in several villages as we moved through Buckinghamshire every 4 years or so.   However for my secondary education I attended ‘The Cedars' in Leighton Buzzard before leaving to join Barclays Bank as a lowest form.   I worked there until I married and then spent the first two and a half years attached to the British Embassy in Rangoon, Burma. We now have 4 sons and 12 grandchildren. 

My mother was an avid and skilful needlewoman and I learnt most of my skills from her.   We all learnt to knit and I knitted my first jumper at the age of 8.   Since then I have continued with my embroidery education and have made more pictures than I care to count.   However it wasn't until I started attending classes in America and was introduced to three dimensional work that I found a form of embroidery to challenge me again.   Since then I have started designing my own work usually for my own use, though occasionally I have taught a class. My husband and I moved to France on our retirement but we are now back in the UK enjoying a different rhythm of life, that’s when we're not dashing off to some other exotic encounter to visit the family, or arranging another embroidery seminar.

I am delighted to now be working with the Hampshire Museum and Archive service charting and teaching some of their beautiful embroideries. Our seminars are not only practical but educational too. Every year we stitch a project, or two and also have a visit to interesting places. We have visited The Overlord Embroidery in Portsmouth. Froyle to see the exquisite church vestments, Winchester and Salisbury Cathedrals, and the English Bayeux Tapestry to name but a few. For every kit which I teach the Archive service receives £10 towards the continued preservation of antique needlework. I feel most privileged to have been able to do this work with them for over 14 years now and am busy planning next year's seminar.